Monday, November 28, 2011

Ken Russell R.I.P.

Just read the news that Ken Russell passed away.

edit :
I found this interview with Ken Russell of last april on the net.

Upon hearing of his passing away at first i thought i had never seen any film by him. Imdb revealed otherwise : Crimes of Passion is the only one.

On the other hand i'm quite curious about The Devils. 2012 will see an official DVD release.

Here's more info on the dvd release :

The BFI has announced that they finally came to an agreement with Warner Bros. and are releasing 'The Devils' in a 2-Disc-Special-DVD-Edition in March 2012 (anamorphic enhanced).

Unfortunately there has been no chance at all to licence the 'Rape of Christ'-Sequence and the 'Charred-Bone'-Sequence.
They are only allowed to release the british cinematic version of 1971. And only on DVD - Warner Bros. objected to a BluRay-Release.

The licencing-problem goes as far as the BFI is obliged to cencor an extra of the DVD-Set, the documentary 'Hell on Earth' in a way that the mentioned scenes are omitted even there.

The extras of the set should consist of:

Special features*
• DVD premiere presentation of the original UK ‘X’ certificate version
• Newly filmed introduction with director Ken Russell
• Audio commentary with Ken Russell, Mark Kermode, Mike Bradsell and Paul Joyce
• Hell on Earth (Paul Joyce, 2002, 48 mins): documentary exploring the film's production and the controversy surrounding its original release
• Director of the Devils (1971, 21 min): documentary featuring candid Ken Russell interviews and unique footage of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies recording his celebrated film score
• Original on-set footage with commentary by editor Mike Bradsell
• Amelia and the Angel (Ken Russell, 1958, 30 mins): Ken Russell's short film, a delightful mix of religious allegory and magical fantasy
• Original UK trailer
• Original US trailer
• Fully illustrated booklet featuring new essays and notes from Mark Kermode, Craig Lapper (BBFC), Sam Ashby and others

Here's the link to the BFI site.

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