Monday, October 17, 2011

Pete Rugolo R.I.P.

Just got a message in that Pete Rugolo passed away. Read more for the moment here.
The first time his name popped up was while watching Alias Smith and Jones and my late father told me watch that name "Pete Rugolo", a famous jazzman...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Texts On Miles Davis & John Coltrane

I stumbled by pure coincidence at this site and they dispose of some dissertations or thesises on Miles & Trane, just click on the image and it will lead you to the download link. I haven't read either of them (just started the downloads) so can't tell you anything about the content.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old post & dead links

If in some (older) posts you find some dead links, please notify us so we can reupload the files, although it might take some time.

For instance concerning this post from august 2009, one reader, mister hipster, found out that the link was dead.

We reupped the file and placed a new link in the comments section. Thanks and enjoy mister hipster.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ROIO Of The Week : Wall To Wall Tribute to Miles Davis 2001

Third installment of the Wall To Wall Tribute in 2001 to Miles Davis. Links are at the usual place.

Wall to Wall Miles Davis 
Symphony Space, New York, NY.
FM Broadcast 
A Quality

cdr in trade--eac--flac level 6

Disc 5:

Sketches of Miles - Melba Joyce
w/ Kalyn Dean (tp), Wally Gator (d), Calvin Hill, Dwight Dickerson, Tanya Darby, Anat Cohen
1. 8:30 "Round Midnight"
2. 5:35 "All Blues"
3. 7:48 "Blue In Green"

Airegin - Joe Lovano Quintet
w/ Tom Harrell (tp), Mulgrew Miller (p), Idris Muhammad (d), Cameron Brown (b)
4. 8:47 "Airegin"
5. 9:06 "Walkin'"
6. 6:43 "Oleo"

The World of Miles - Mamadou Diabate & the Ben Allison Trio
w/ Michael Blake, Mike Sarin, Famoro Diabate, Ben Allison
7. 6:07
8. 10:41

Prince of Darkness - David Sanchez & the Melaza Sextet
9. 15:24Set III 


Disc 6:

Dark Magus - Melvin Gibbs' Liberation Theology w/ Pete Cosey & Joe Lovano
w/ Graham Haynes (cornet), James Hurt (p), Terreon Gully (d), Felix Sanabria, Nanny Assis, DJ Logic
1. 25:52

In A Silent Way - Don Byron Music for Six Musicians
w/ James Zollar, Edsel Gomez, Leo Traversa, Ben Wittman, Milton Cardona
2. 19:28

Miles '58/'66 - Eddie Henderson w/ Jimmy Cobb
w/ Kevin Hays, Ed Howard, Joe Locke
3. 7:20 "Stella By Starlight"
4. 8:12 "Footprints"

Interview - Lenny White, Dave Holland, Joe Zawinul
5. 2:44

The Making of Kind Of Blue - Ashley Kahn (Author)
6. 9:18 Includes list of top 10 musicians Miles dug in the 60's