Monday, November 22, 2010

Waterloo : a visit

The Sun published a short article on visiting Waterloo, one can read it here. Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

O.O.P. Cal Tjader - Last Bolero In Berkeley [1973-1974]

Here's another LP rip in the Cal Tjader O.O.P. series : (and yes it's in flac)

Cal Tjader
Last Bolero In Berkeley
Fantasy F9446

1. Gary's Theme
2. Don't let me be lonely tonight
3. Charisma
4. Never can say goodbye
5. Bolero
6. Cloudburst
7. Curtain Call
8. Where Is The LOve
9. I Want You Back

Cal Tjader vibes, timbales, percussion

on 2,4 & 9
recorded on February 7, 1973
Jon Faddis, Victor Paz tp
Frank Wess bs, fl
Seldon Powell ts
Ed Bogas keyb
Joe Beck g
George Duvivier b
Jimmy Johnson dr
Ralph MacDonald congas

on 1, 5, 8
recorded on September 10, 1973
Billy Brooks, Melvin Moore tp
Don Cooke tb
Jerome Richardson fl & ts solos
Herman Riley ts
Mike Wolff el p
Randy Oda g solo on Bolero
Larry Carlton rhythm g
Chuck Rainey el b
Dick Berk ds
Michael Smithe congas
Bobbye Hall Porter perc
Ed Bogas synht

on 3 & 6
recorded on September 11 1973
same as previous sesssion for horns,rhythm guitar,bass and percussion
Merl Saunders el p, organ
Mike Wolff p
Paul Humphrey ds
King Errison congas

on 7
recorded on September 20 1973
Pearl Bonney vocal
Ed Bogas keyb
John Heard b
Dick Berk ds
Mayuto Correa shakers

Friday, November 12, 2010

Henri Gorecki R.I.P.

Polish composer Henryk Gorecki has died at the age of 76, the country's national orchestra has announced.

He was best known for his Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, which was composed in 1976 and sold more than a million copies following a 1992 re-release.

The symphony - part of which drew on an inscription scrawled on a Nazi prison wall during World War II - featured vocals from US soprano Dawn Upshaw.

It was often played on radio station Classic FM when it launched in 1992.

Gorecki had been suffering from a prolonged illness, a spokeswoman for Polish Radio's National Symphony Orchestra said.

Monumental style

Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki was born close to the industrial city of Katowice in southern Poland, where he studied music and taught at the city's music academy.

His early works were avant-garde in style, and later influenced by folk music of his native land.

By the 1970s he had developed the monumental style for which he became famous.

He was often at odds with the communist authorities in Poland and withdrew from public life in the 1980s to concentrate on composing.

His Symphony No. 3, which dealt with themes of war and separation in a slow, stark style, became the best-selling record by a contemporary composer.

Gorecki had completed his fourth symphony, the premiere of which was shelved on account of his illness.

Last month he was awarded the Order of the White Eagle, Poland's highest honour.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Johnny Cash and 'Asshats'

Johnny Cash's daughter to GOP chief: Stop using my father's name, you 'asshat'

By Raw Story
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 -- 11:16 am

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The daughter of star singer Johnny Cash has some harsh words for the Republican Party's House leader.

Notes Gawker, "Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has been using a dumb-trust me, really dumb-line involving Johnny Cash in some recent speeches. Cash's daughter Roseanne doesn't think much of that. And she let Boehner know, by calling him 'asshat.'"

Boehner's line was, "Remember when Ronald Reagan was president? We had Bob Hope. We had Johnny Cash. Think about where we are today. We have got President Obama. But we have no hope and we have no cash."

Adds Gawker, "And, well, yes, it is a very stupid line, even by stump-speech standards, but it's pretty successful at ignoring any kind of socio-historico-cultural accuracy (I mean, Johnny Cash, a Reagan-era cultural touchstone?) in favor of connecting three vaguely iconic Americans in some kind of nostalgia wonderland as though they really had anything to do with each other, like the rhetorical equivalent of those airbrushed t-shirts where Kurt Cobain is jamming out with Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis is there or something."

Roxanne Cash's Tweet is available here.

Politico's Ben Smith notes its an expletive he's "never had to try redacting before."