Friday, November 11, 2011

Armistice Day 1918

This morning in 1918 at 5h15 the armistice was signed between the Allied Nations and Germany. The actual cease fire would be effective at 11h00. Nevertheless that day some 10000 soldiers were casualties before the actual cease fire was active.

As usual ceremonies will take place everywhere at least in France, Belgium, England and the Commonwealth and I suppose as well in the USA.What about your country? Let us know via the comment section...

Englands BBC broadcasts this week a series called Lost Heroes of World War one with interviews of participants of WWI.

Check out AvaxNews for some very moving pictures here, here and here.

Scotland has now it first Field of Remembrance as well.

This summer we went for a 5day visit to Verdun and it was one impressive happening.

The city itself is well reconstructed and has enjoyable spots to visit. The hills around are still very marked by what happened 95 years ago. It's all very well signaled and everywhere are information panels available.

Be sure to visit Fort de Vaux and Fort de Douaumont while it's possible since  they suffered a lot during the war due to impacts and large parts are closed to the public. In the future more parts of the Fort will have to be closed.

What's really intriguing is the silence that reigns everywhere, no sounds, just plain silence...It's the appropriate sound nevertheless...

Let's not forget.

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