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Friday, July 30, 2010

Je me souviens de Miles : complete series

I captured all the broadcasts on France Musique, some from radio most as webcasts and made them available as MP3 @320 kbps.

Here are the complete details of the series :

Feuilletons l'été
Je me souviens de Miles Davis
Présenté par Franck Médioni

lundi 26 juillet 2010 (1/5)

Programmation musicale du jour

"Kind of blue" - Miles Davis
Freddie Freeloader (Miles Davis)
Columbia 494853 2

"First Miles" - Miles Davis
1. Milestones (Miles Davis)
2. Half Nelson (Miles Davis)
Savoy 0159

"Birth of the cool" - Miles Davis
Move (Denzil Best)
Deception (Miles Davis)
Capitol 724349455023

"The complete Columbia recordings" - Miles Davis & Gil Evans
1. Springsville (John Carisi)
2. Miles Ahead (Miles Davis)
3. Lament (Jay Jay Johnson)
4. Summertime (George Gershwin)
5. Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
Columbia 67397

mardi 27 juillet 2010 (2/5)

"Kind of blue" - Miles Davis
Freddie Freeloader (Miles Davis)
Columbia 494853 2

"Workin'" - Miles Davis
It never entered my mind (Hart/Rodgers)
Prestige 98404

Miles Davis & John Coltrane
"Miles Davis comments" et "Round midnight" (Thelonious Monk)
Columbia 65833

"Ascenseur pour l’échafaud" - Miles Davis
Florence sur les Champs-Elysées (Miles Davis)
Dîner au motel (Miles Davis)
Fontana 836 305–2

"Kind of blue" - Miles Davis
Freddie Freeloader (Miles Davis)
Columbia 494853 2

mercredi  28 juillet (3/5)

"Kind of blue" - Miles Davis
Blue in green (Bill Evans)
Columbia 494853 2

"Les années Jazz Magazine"
Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk)
Verve 525 282–2

Miles Davis & John Coltrane
Someday my prince will come (F. Churchill/L. Morey)
Columbia 65833

"Quintet" - Miles Davis
ESP (Wayne Shorter)
Columbia 67398

"The complete live at the Plugged Nickel" - Miles Davis
Stella by starlight (N. Washington/V. Young)
Columbia 67095

jeudi 29 juillet 2010 (4/5)

"Quintet" - Miles Davis
Pinocchio (Wayne Shorter)
Columbia 67398

"In a silent way" - Miles Davis
Shhh/Peaceful (Miles Davis)
Columbia 450982 2

"Bitches Brew" - Miles Davis
1. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (Miles Davis)
2. Orange Lady (Joe Zawinul)
Columbia 65570

"On the corner" - Miles Davis
Mtume (Miles Davis)
Columbia 88697062392

vendredi 30 juillet 2010 (5/5)

"Decoy" - Miles Davis
Decoy (Robert Irving III)
Columbia 468702 2

"Tutu" - Miles Davis
Tutu (Marcus Miller)
Warner 925 490–2

"You won’t forget me" - Shirley Horn
You won’t forget me

"Dingo" - Miles Davis & Michel Legrand
1. Concert on the runway (Miles Davis/Michel Legrand)
2. The departure (Miles Davis/Michel Legrand)
Warner 7599–26438–2

"Doo-bop" - Miles Davis
Blow (Easy Mo Bee)
Warner 7599–26938–2

Kim Novak

The American Cinematheque honors Kim Novak with screenings of 'Vertigo,' 'Pal Joey' and other films at the Egyptian Theatre. Read an interview with Miss Novak here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

R.O.I.O. Of The Week : Joshua Redman à Juan Les Pins 20.07.2010

I captured this direct broadcast recently from the radio the same day as the Roy Hargrove concert i shared already here. In fact i almost forgot about the broadcast since i had professional obligations and only could leave for home at around 20.00 p.m. and with a half hour drive. The concert would be broadcasted at 20.30 p.m.. I put on the radio and listened on the radio the studio program where they were talking about Joshua Redmans career and they played some tracks from his earlier recordings nota bene Moodswing. It was as if i heard them for the first time again so many years already ago (16 to be precise) and realised that his group of those days consisted of what are nowadays some heavy cats : Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride, Brian Blade.I arrived just in time at home, left wife and kid where they were and started the recording. I haven't been following Joshua Redmans career all the time and did not what to expect with his double trio but after listening at it twice i start to dig it more and more and esally 'Identity Thief' (Trane is not far away), 'Ugly Beauty' and the encore 'Moonlight'. Enjoy!

Antibes / Juan Les Pins Jazz festival
Pinède Gould
2010 july 20th,
France Musique broadcast -)HD -) cd wave -) FLAC

01 Radio 01:06
02 Identity Thief 06:27
03 J.R. speaks -) Ghost 10:35
04 Hutchhiker's guide 08:01
05 Radio 00:17
06 Ugly Beauty 12:37 (cut due to signal loss by radio station)
07 Ugly Beauty cont'd 00:30
08 Faraway 13:39
09 Intro 00:47
10 Little Ditty 10:44
11 Barracuda's 11:52
12 Crowd 02:14
13 Encore - Moonlight 04:59
14 Radio 00:54

Joshua Redman / saxes
Matt Penman / contrabass & cello
Reuben Rogers / contrabass
Gregory Hutchinson / drums & percussions
Bill Stewart / drums

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Je me souviens de Miles - I remember Miles

France Musique broadcasts a summer series which is dedicated this week to Miles Davis. Franck Medioni who wrote a book on Miles last year recollected from 80 musicians their impressions of Miles. He turned his book now in a radio series.

The first part was broadcasted yesterday afternoon and i was able to record it and it's available as an MP3. Part 2 and the other parts are broadcasted every afternoon this week at 17h30.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Somerset Maugham

The Secret Lives Of Somerset Maugham by Selina Hastings is been reviewed in this weekends NYT Sunday Book Review here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Willem Breuker R.I.P.

Just got this sad news in, one can read a brief obituary here.

Jimmy Heath in the Wall Street Journal

Will Friedwald wrote an article about tenorsaxofonist Jimmy Heath called 'A Jazz Colossu Steps Out' and it appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elmore Leonard : Djibouti

Djibouti is the name of the new Elmore Leonard. One can find out more at the website of the Master himself.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ROIO of the week : Roy Hargrove - Juan Les Pins 20.07.2010

Here's a short upload but it's a very recent recording! Enjoy!

Roy Hargrove Quintet
Jazz à Juan, Pinède Gould
RB France Musique -) HD -) cdwave -) FLAC

01 Radio 01:11
02 title 12:22
03 title 08:06
04 Radio 00:20

R.H. tp
Jason Robinson as
Jonathan Batiste p
Amin Saleem b
Montez Coleman ds

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking for early Monk

I'm reading Robin D.G.Kelley's bio on Monk right now and came upon a few early recordings which i never heard before. Does anyone here around happen to have them? Please contact me or leave a message, thanks a lot in advance :

Thelonious Monk Quartet
Idrees Sulieman (tp) Thelonious Monk (p) Curly Russell (b) Art Blakey (d)
WNYC radio broadcast, "Festival Of American Music", February 16, 1948
    All The Things You Are    Chazzer 2002
    Just You, Just Me    -
    Suburban Eyes    -
* The Vibes Are On Art Tatum/Thelonious Monk (Chazzer 2002)

Thelonious Monk Quintet
Idrees Sulieman or Kenny Dorham (tp) Charlie Rouse (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) unknown (b) unknown (d) Frankie Passions (vo)
NYC, 1951
    Especially For You    Spotlite (E) SPJ 135
    Nobody Knows    -
* Various Artists - Cool Whalin' - Bebop Vocals (Spotlite (E) SPJ 135)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Herbie Hancock 70th anniversary

The L.A. Times features H.H. in its actual edition here. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quincy Troupe Remembers Miles Davis in ‘Miles and Me’

One might wonder when the interview was done, but anyway it's about the Prince of Darkness, enjoy the read!

*I was young and barely off the farm when I met Miles Davis.  He entered my life like a whirlwind scooping up all in his path.  I knew him for a summer when he dated my then roommate.  His visits could be disconcerting and as a young girl I was unequipped to handle this very complex, complicated and oftentimes paranoid man.

His dominant and sometimes harsh and combative personality could cower the  fiercest gladiator.  However, it was Miles who decided I should work at his record label.  Shortly afterwards, I found myself ensconced at the receptionist desk on William Paley’s floor at Columbia Records.  Miles could be endearing if he liked you.  Yet, there was something about his aura that said ‘don’t mess with me.’  Most folks didn’t.  I was both repelled and in awe of this genius who had chosen to put me in his inner circle wherein he took me on a sometimes fun and sometimes maddening adventure that I now look back on fondly.

I had the pleasure of swapping stories with poet/author/screenwriter Quincy Troupe who wrote “Miles: The Autobiography and his memoirs on Mr. Davis in his book “Miles and Me.” Mr. Troupe is also, the co-author of “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Chris Gardner.  “Later Will Smith starred in the movie version of the book,” remarked Troupe.  “I also wrote the “Miles and Me” screenplay which is about to go into production starring Samuel L. Jackson.  Initially, I suggested Don Cheadle for the Miles role.  The filmmakers considered a few actors including Wesley Snipes but at the time Snipes was having problems.  Hollywood makes the final decisions and ultimately it comes down to money and who has the greater box office appeal.  Laurence Fishburne was approached to play me but he has CSI commitments, so the movie makers may have to go with another actor” commented the St. Louis reared poet who appeared on two PBS television series on poetry: The United States of Poetry and Bill Moyers’ The Power of the Word wherein Troupe’s segment, “The Living Language,” received a 1990 Emmy Award for Television Excellence.

“Miles was from East St. Louis so I never met him as a youngster although Chuck Berry lived a few blocks from me.  I knew Chuck was famous but he used to love young girls.  He would occasionally come around the young athletes because we had the prettiest girls. I’d steer my girl out the door whenever I’d see Chuck.  He would yell after me “Hey, Young Troupe!  Young Troupe.  Where you going, Young Troupe? He was funny,” chuckled Quincy tickled by the memory of Chuck Berry trying to steal his high school girlfriend.

“I first became aware of Miles Davis at age 15.  I went into this fish joint where I noticed these 4 hip looking guys.  They were talking and eating ‘jack-salmon’ sandwiches and listening to music.  Their heads were bopping to the music.  They were playing a tune called “Donna” and saying it was by a trumpeter and St. Louis homeboy named Miles Davis.  It was my first exposure to jazz.  After they left I played the song a few times and I was hooked.  I started listening to whatever Miles Davis music I could find.  He became my hero.  However, it wasn’t until 1956 that I first saw Miles play live in a St Louis jazz spot called Peacock Alley.  I watched Miles from a distance noticing few were approaching him as he stood at the bar.  Then this gushing white couple approached, “stated Quincy. ‘”Thrilled to meet Miles the white man stuck out his hand and was about to state his name when Miles took off his dark glasses and gave them a withering look followed up with a profanity-laced “get out of my face MF and take yo silly-a__s “B” with you.”  I would hear the “MF and “B” word coming from Miles many times during the course of our friendship, sometimes even directed toward me.  Miles could be very jealous regarding women, complicated and paranoid.  He was also generous, loyal and comical.  He loved boxing, sports and respected musicians such as Clark Terry, Hugh Masekela, Santana, Monk, Charlie Parker, Sly Stone, Prince and Michael Jackson.  There were quite a few musicians Miles respected but Mick Jagger wasn’t one of them.  Miles told me that one day Mick showed up at his house unannounced.  Miles came to the door and Mick was standing there.  Mick said “Hi, Miles. “I’m Mick Jagger.”  Miles said “So, what!” and slammed the door in Mick’s face.” recalled the Peabody Award winner.

“The first time I had a chance to actually talk to Miles was at my friend Leo’s party.  Miles was sitting by himself so I took a seat nearby.  We actually exchanged a few pleasantries and then Miles got up and said “Later,” and left the party.  It wasn’t long after I saw him in the street and greeted him but Miles kept walking and completely ignored me.  I was with a girlfriend who I had told I knew Miles.  Then Miles just dissed me.  It was embarrassing.  When I had the occasion to see him again I asked him why he had treated me like that.  Miles replied with a profanity laced sentence that amounted to he didn’t have to speak to me every time he saw me.  He then walked away leaving me hurt and confused.  After that I stayed away from Miles until I was commissioned to write his autobiography.

“It was while writing his autobiography that we became true friends and remained friends until his death.  My wife Margaret and I truly loved Miles and he loved us.  I noticed Miles was getting sick.  He became secretive about his illness.  Later, Miles admitted he was taking AZT as part of his medication,” said Quincy.

To hear more about  Quincy and Miles’ friendship listen to my “Topically Yours” show on via the BlakeRadio network or see

Friday, July 9, 2010


It's Summertime and the news reflects it (read the 1st § LOL):
Wed Jul 07, 2010 @ 10:13AM PST

Snoop-dogg <>
*By Eriq Gardner*

EXCLUSIVE: It's been more than 30 years since the birth of hip-hop,
and in that time, one axiom holds true: If the ride is more fly, then
you must buy.

We're quoting Snoop Dogg, who allegedly didn't buy.

So says Michael Henderson, one of the most influential jazz musicians
of the past 40 years. Henderson played bass guitar and sang and, along
with bandmate Miles Davis, he put a funky groove in a genre of music
called fusion jazz.

Now, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday in Michigan, Snoop Dogg
took a sample from Henderson's "Do It All" album and incorporated it
into his own works without permission. Snoop Dogg isn't alone. In a
separate lawsuit, Henderson also targets rappers Nick Carter (aka
"Murs") and Patrick Douthit (aka "9th Wonder") for doing the same.

These rappers are now embroiled in a debate as old as hip-hop: Is
sampling legal?

For the most part it is. In the late 1980s and early '90s, though,
some courts started frowning on excessive sampling. In cases such as
/Grand Upright v. Warner
<>/, judges began
to see flagrant uses of sampling as copyright infringement.

Some legal experts argue that sampling might be a "fair use"
depending on how much is used and for what purpose. They believe that
courts should recognize a "de minimis" standard for insignificant use
of a copyrighted work.

However, some judges haven't abided by that standard. Of particular
note, a three-judge panel at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed
a lower court decision in 2005 in /Bridgeport v. Dimension Films
<>,/ saying that
musicians should pay for samples --- even unrecognizable snippets.

It's probably not a coincidence now Henderson is now targeting a pair
of prominent musicians in that same jurisdiction. He claims the
defendants had actual knowledge that they didn't have permission but
decided to take full credit for the work.

Henderson is targeting the Snoop track "Flashbacks," as well as a song
Snoop created with the group Warzone entitled "Hands on the Wheel,"
which is posted below. He's also claiming an infringing use in "3:16
pt. 2" by Murs and 9th Wonder.

Henderson is claiming statutory damages for the alleged infringement
as well as any profits made from the songs. He's asking the court to
enjoin the defendants from manufacturing, distributing and selling the
works further. Here's the complaint

Friday, July 2, 2010

Holidays Upload : John Coltrane - Newport 02.07.1966

Sorry for the infrequent posting the last weeks, way too much to handle but to make it up to you here's a special holiday upload :

It has been around on a Coltrane Tree and was issued by Free Factory.
Details are as follows : (scan of cover art and booklet is included)

John Coltrane (ss, ts, per)
Pharoah Sanders (ts, picc, per)
Alice Coltrane (p)
Jimmy Garrison (b)
Rashied Ali (d)
"Newport Jazz Festival", Newport, RI
July 2, 1966

01. My Favorite Things (incomplete)  
02. Peace On Earth  
03. Leo