Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Charlie "Bird" Parker

 Stanley Crouch wrote a book about Charlie "Bird" Parker.

A long review is available on the NYRB website here.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Art Pepper : Paul Masson Winery, September 6th, 1976

Laurie Pepper released an 8th album from her unreleased live recordings of the late Art Pepper.

It consists of a recording in September 1976 at Paul Massons' Winery.

The album seems to be available only as a download here.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Battle Of The Nations 200th. Anniversary Day 4

To read what happened on Day 4 of the Battle Of The Nations one can go here and here.

This day marked also the heroic death of Marshal Poniatowski while attempting  a rearguard defense.

French attention to this anniversary is quasi nihil.

The French Post didn't issue any stamp at all, nor did it last year for the Russia Campaign.

The Czech post issued a special commemoration minisheet.

They also issued an FDC and souvenir card :

Czech and French Posts issued jointly a stamp in 2005 for the Anniversary of The Battle Of Austerlitz.

Czech Post issued then as well a minisheet :

Friday, October 18, 2013

Battle Of The Nations : 200th. Anniversary Day 3

The media, at least in Germany are paying attention to this anniversary, or at least one channel.

MDR has a special page dedicated to the action and a lot of background as well, audio, video included.

Their pages really deserve to be visited!!

For what happened on Day 3 one can check it out here and here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Battle Of The Nations : 200 th. Anniversary Day 2

I once recorded a documentary from the RTBF years ago, but I don't find this anymore on my VHS tapes.

If someone might have this documentary he can always leave a message.

Meanwhile I found this documentary which was broadcasted by ARTE :


In the mean time I discovered this special website dedicated to the Napoleonic era and what concerns day 2 of the Battle of the Nartions can be read here.

One can read some resume of what happened on day 2 of the battle here as well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Battle Of The Nations : 200 th. Anniversary Day 1

From today TuneUp will commemorate as best as possible the Battle of the Nations which took place exactly 200 years ago.

In France the national press hasn't had lots of attention at this historic event.

This is quite normal since Napoleons legacy, although undeniable omnipresent even today, is covered by the dust of the past. Don't talk about it.

If one wants to read more about the Battle of the Nations, you can start here.

And there's always Wikipedia, although between the french and english version there are some differences as for example concerning the numbers of troops involved.

What happend today 200 years ago?

I invite you to read the very detailed accounts of the two different phases of that day.

First there's one very detailed account concerning the period between 8.00 AM and 13.00 PM available here.

Then there's a second detailed account of what happened between 13.00 PM and 21.00 PM available here.

These pages with the french Order of Battle and the Order of Battle of the coalition are not to be missed either.

More to come tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pasolini Roma

From tomorrow October 16th till January 26th 2014, the Cinémathèque Française will have a temporarily exposition dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and his relationship with Rome.

More info can be found on their website here and here.

Arte will broadcast tomorrow evening, October 16th from 23h20 onwards :

L'affaire Pasolini, a german docu from 2012  by Andreas Pichler

Followed by Teorema

 And concluded with La Ricotta.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Simon Carmiggelt

From November 8th till January 26th, the Amsterdam Permuseum will showcase a temporary exposition celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Simon Carmiggelt.

I read Camiggelt when I was in my teens (which is quite a while ago) and loved his writing a lot.

Anyway, nowaday you never find one book by him in a bookshop, all you want to read from him has to be acquired in the second hands bookshops.

Here's some more info about the expo.

 He had a great feeling for oneliners, some of them can be found here.

What about this one :

"Geld maakt niet gelukkig, dat heeft het met armoe gemeen."