Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Frank Morgan

Michael Connelly's news mailing had this message :


Sound of Redemption, A Documentary Film Project

"As you know, Michael loves jazz music and mentions it often in his books. He is producing a documentary film, Sound of Redemption, about the late jazz saxophone player, Frank Morgan. Frank was a sax prodigy as a young man and played with many of the greats by the time he was 17. He was considered heir to Charlie Parker's throne. Unfortunately, he fell into a life of drug use and crime to support his habit. He ended up in and out of prisons for almost 30 years of his life. Miraculously, he turned it all around, changed his life, and was able to have a successful comeback in his late years.

Michael met Frank and they became friends. This documentary film will reflect Frank's amazing comeback. It is really an inspirational story about overcoming adversity and how creating art can inspire and save people. Proceeds from the film will go to music programs for at-risk youth. It has already begun filming with a very talented director, N.C. Heikin.  The goal is to release the film in spring of 2013.

We are trying to raise additional funds to finish the film via KickStarter.com. It is a way for creative projects to raise money and build an early community and fan base around a project. If you are interested in the film please visit our KickStarter project and watch the videos. If you are moved by what you see, we hope you will choose to back the project. There are wonderful thank you gifts at every funding level, including a character name in the book Michael will write next. You will become a part of this film's early fan base and community. We also hope you will spread the word to other jazz fans, music fans, documentary film fans, and anyone who likes inspiring stories. This is something we are really excited to be involved in.  I hope you can understand why when you watch the video and the trailer. Thanks!"

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