Friday, April 13, 2012

Mal Waldron at the Village Vanguard

After a long period i came upon some Mal Waldron cd's again and gave them a spin. Mals piano playing is as always a delight and pleasure to listen at.

Soul Note & Black Saint issued a "new" 4CD set containing the following :


Featuring: Woody Shaw (tp,flhrn)
Charlie Rouse (ts,fl)
Mal Waldron (p)
Reggie Workman (b)
Ed Blackwell (d)
Sonny Fortune (as)
Ricky Ford (ts)
Eddie Moore (d)

Includes the albums:
• The Git Go - Live At Village Vanguard (1986)
• The Seagulls Of Kristiansund (1986)
• Crowd Scene (1989)
• Where Are You? (1989)

Now i obtained recently a DVD issued by Immortal with a live recording of the Mal Waldron Quintet at the Village Vanguard. 

No date has been given on the dvd so i supposed this DVD comes from the same date as the cd's "The Git-Go", "The Seagulls Of Kristiansund". 

But the DVD contains as tracks : The Git-Go, All Alone, Fire Waltz (and Left Alone which is a solo studio recording).

The cd's contain : Status Seeking, The Git-Go, Snake Out, Jody,The Seagulls of Kristiansund.

So that would mean that both issues only have one title in common which is The Git-Go. 

When visioning the DVD it showed at the end "Copyright 1984" while the cd's are supposed to be recorded in September 1986 and the cd issue has as cover picture, a still from the DVD (all musicians were the same clothes on the picture as on the DVD) so we could suppose all the recordings come from the same date but why should the DVD which has been issued previously on VHS mention a copyright from 1984?

All the more as the VHS issue mentions : recorded at the Village Vanguard September 1983 and the DVD doesn't give any details at all.

So i compared the two versions of the Git-Go and they seem to be different, on the cd issue Woody Shaw solo's first and on the DVD Charlie Rouse gets the first solo.

Do we have here in fact two different recordings from one and the same engagement given the fact that Soul Note/Black Saint uses a picture from the DVD and from which period : 1983, 1986 or 1984?

Indeed in 1984 the same group toured Europe in july, with concerts in Lugano, Brescia and the North Sea Jazz Festival at the Hague and played a concert at the Village Vanguard on December 29th.

If the recordings are from two different recording periods why does Soul Note/Black Saint use a picture from a different engagement?

Any suggestions are always welcome.

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