Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Stan Kenton

Some discussions on Stan Kenton on the net to start with David Hadju's critique on Stan.

The there's the article in defense of Stan Kenton, at least criticizing the David Hadju article,  
available here.
Some more on the Stan Kenton discussion can be found as well here.
What's your take on Stan Kenton?
To be honest that 40's & 50's band with a.o. Art Pepper was unrivaled and i can't get enough of it. Do you have recordings of the Kenton European Tour in 1953? Please get in touch with TuneUp!

Kenton Plays Wagner is really particular and something which i listen at with regluar intervals. 
Apparently it still isn't in print on cd. Maybe an idea for an O.O.P. upload the coming weeks.
In the mean time you can read some more already on Kenton Plays Wagner here.


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